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Here are some things you should consider when deciding between in-home and outdoor portraits!

While neither type of session is better or worse, there are characteristics of each that may serve you better at different times of year or stages of life.


There are a couple very basic reasons to choose an in-home session.

  1. It’s cold outside in the winter
  2. It may be easier to get young children ready for portraits if there’s no getting in the car involved.
  3. It’s simple. You only need to carve out the session time from your schedule, no travel. And I come to you!

One thing to consider is whether you have natural window light in your home. If you have very few, very small windows, it will be trickier to do an in-home session. Still doable though! I have ways to get light to behave.


Home sessions and outdoor sessions have a very different feel. Outdoor sessions tend to be a little more free-feeling. In-home portraits tend to be much more intimate and cozy for several reasons.

  1. They take place in your home, where you live with your family day-to-day. It’s where most intimate moments happen.
  2. You and your family may feel more relaxed in your home, leading to freer expressions of love and care.
  3. Your home has walls and enclosed spaces, soft surfaces, and less light. All of these make for cozier-looking photos.

I absolutely love the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors, and family portraits in nature are nothing short of lovely. At the same time, in-home portraits have the ability to show off different but equally important moments: you and your family interacting in your home environment. Again, neither is better or worse, it just depends on the style you want!


Since most of our family time is spent at home, the opportunity to capture those times is not one to take for granted. You and your kiddos playing on the bed, snuggling on the couch, or hanging out with beloved pets are memories that you will be thankful to have represented with quality photographs later on.

Since we live in our homes day in and day out, it’s easy to overlook the beauty in them. Not in the decor necessarily, but in the moments that are shared within the walls.

Life isn’t about perfect pictures and perfect lives, because there are no such things. Wherever we are, I believe it is worth taking a moment to appreciate the time we are in.

What’s next?

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In-home portraits make it easy to involve your sweet pets!