Do you ever feel lost when you are in front of the camera, like you suddenly have no idea what to do with your body?

I got you! As a shy person, I feel like this too. Thankfully, there are a few very simple techniques that will make it so much easier to become an effortless and natural presence in your photographs. Read on!

No need to look at the camera unless I ask you to.

I know, “look at the camera” are words you’ve heard your whole life through whenever someone is taking a picture. At this point, it feels so natural that we can hardly help ourselves!

Dad, this is often especially hard for you. I know getting it over with may be on your mind, but doesn’t playing with your kids and loving on your lady for an hour sound a lot more fun than having to smile awkwardly at a camera for that long?

While I make sure to get some great classic shots where everyone is looking and smiling, the real magic happens when I am able to capture you and your family interacting with love. Play with your kids! Family photos don’t have to be an excruciating fake-grin fest. Instead, enjoy your kids, hold your spouse, and laugh as much as possible. Your photos will be epic, I promise!

Kids are running around, not paying attention, crying, etc?

No stress, it's just fine!

There are many good ways to get great photos of children, even when they are not “cooperating.” Fun games, love and snuggles, and maybe some tickles here and there usually elicit more smiles than an abrupt “Get back here now!”

If kids are running around, I can get cute shots of them playing, or we can focus on you parents for a moment. Remember, it’s ok if your kids are not standing still the entire time. They are kids, they are yours, and you love them. We want their personality to shine. It’s my job to put my focus into getting great shots, and your job to relax and enjoy your family! That’s why you hire a pro, right? (Wink wink).

Just remember, no dangling hands!

Keeping your hands occupied in your photos does wonders for how expressive of your love and connection they will be. I recommend holding someone’s hand, give them a hug, caress your spouse, put an arm around a sibling’s shoulder, or for guys, at least have that extra hand in a pocket. Also, stand closer together than you think you need to! Even little gaps in photos tend to create a distanced look between people. Think awkward 6th-grade hugs. You don’t need me to tell you that there’s no need for that with your family!

Wrap up:

I hope these tips helped you feel more confident in your natural posing skills! There’s really not much to it, and I know you’ll do great.

Hint: these tips apply to couple posing as well! ESPECIALLY the no dangling hands part.

Get loose, get lost in the moment, and set your inner kid free! We are most beautiful not when we are trying to be, but when we are simply alive with love and joy. That being said, I do everything in my power to showcase your best sides and take flattering portraits. I’ve had people tell me that they didn’t feel beautiful in a photo until they saw a portrait I’ve taken of them, and that is what I want to you to experience.

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